We Love What We Do

I founded Antler Creek Homes in 2016.  My wife Jennifer and I are the owning members of the company.  My first experience in the building industry was building my own home in 2013. I designed it and found that I really enjoyed it. I then partnered with the builder who built my home and went to work building full time in 2014, completing about 50 custom homes varying in value between $200,000 to over a million dollars. Starting my own company was always the plan and I was fortunate to partner with another builder who understood and appreciated that and was not threatened by my ambition to own my own company.   

Fanatical Integrity.

Those two words best describe my building philosophy.   I believe if you are fanatical about integrity the answers throughout the building and business process become clear very quickly.  I am constantly asking both myself and the various tradesmen “What would you do here if this were your personal home.”   I will never build a product that I ever have to apologize for to my customers.   They say a passenger jet requires over a 100 course corrections while en route to it’s destination.   In much the same way corrections are required during a building process.   The small number of homes that I build at one time allow me to focus on the details of each home, allowing time for better planning and execution of the building process.

I hunt for deals, not just for myself but for my customers.  I constantly am on the lookout for deals on everything from land to tile and everything in between.   I want my customers to get a good value in their home purchase so finding good deals is essential.   It is always fun for my customers to show off features of their new home when there is a story of how they saved money during the selection.

Please call me if you would like to discuss building a home. – T.J. Sayers